Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Philly bound

Looks like I'll be flying out for the Fuji custom bike art show after all. I'll be in Philly for a few days the weekend of the 1st. Come check it out at Media Bureau Gallery at 725 N.4th St in Philadelphia. August 1st is the opening, so come check my bike out in person if you live there. For more info visit http://rollingcanvascollective.com/ Here are some shots of the completed piece.

Friday, July 11, 2008

bike art + interview

I just finished my painting which will be mounted to a custom Fuji track frame for the Rolling Canvas collective art show in Philly on August 1st. http://www.rollingcanvascollective.com/
Here's come pics:

Painting the gun was fun. I don't normally paint mechanical things.

It was strange painting both sides of a piece, especially since this was shaped so strange. Functional art. Yeah, this will be a good show. I wont be making it to the opening unfortunately. Air fare is far too high right now. I'll see you Philadelphians in October though for my show at Mew Gallery.

In the meantime you can read an interview with me on an Italian art blog over here: