Thursday, December 13, 2007

Travels and Adventures

I'm back in Portland. I drove down the coast to Escondido and back. When I got here it rained for a week, typical Portland winter weather, but I suppose it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It kind of just pisses on you perpetually. There's some incredible food here though. Breakfast joints in Portland are out of control. Good coffee too. They don't mess around here. It's called the sunshine of the northwest. Everyplace does foam art. Makes me wish I was more into coffee. It began with me renting a car and posting a ride share on craigslist. I picked up my passengers early in the AM and we set off. 10 hours drives are nicer in a rental. Ipods help too.

My first stop was the golden city of San Francisco. I stayed with my good friend, former room mate, Brian Tight Pants. I rolled into SF around 10pm and immediately began drinking. After a long night's sleep I only felt a mild hangover. We got some veg thai in the city before I set off for the museums and galleries.

I got some crazy good eggplant and tofu dish.

Brian's room mate has an awesome horned lizard. She was very friendly.

We went out to the bar. I like west coast bars because it's standard practice to have a room solely for the purpose of dancing. Outside there were some sketch balls. This guy was very inconspicuous.

In addition to his drug habits he was eager to share his ink with us.

I drove down to Santa Barbara, the coast was quite beautiful. I stayed with some old friends and then made my way down to the "Sub 1K" opening at Distinction Gallery. The opening was a blast.

I should have trimmed my beard.

The drive back to SF was beautiful. I stopped in Gilroy, the Garlic capitol of the US...possibly the world? I dunno. I would like to come back here one day for the garlic festival.

The Bus!

It was Punk Rock Joe's Birthday. He's from West Hartford too! Represent!

The Fucking Ocean

Went and saw Antelope and The Fucking Ocean on the "bus". It's a giant ass bus someone in SF converted into a mobile show space. They tore out all the seats, put in a stage, flora, a loft, glass floor window, and basketball hoop. It's possibly the greatest show space I've ever been to/on.

Persimmons of doom!

SF is fun. I would like to live there one day. For the most part I ate burritos, which is a given of course, but this place (Cha cha cha's) had some sweet veggie dishes for a mostly non-veggie establishment.

There was a special on weed in the local paper. $10 for an 8th. Free Cosmic Cocktail shot!

Mt. Shasta.

These craiglisters were very nice.

Back to Portland. Had a good week here. Probably relocating to the area in the Spring/Summer.

Ashley and Bob. Good People.

Pillsbury Dough boy got excited about carrots.

Most delicious Bear and Bunny I've ever eaten. Good Times.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Upcoming Shows and Travel Plans

So this coming week is going to be very crazy. I just finished some ornaments for the Art Star Holiday Art Show. I made 3 block head character sculptures and two little furry animal box head paintings. They will all be available this Saturday at the opening. Very reasonably priced I might add, considering how many hours I spent on them. The process was slow since I had to cut the wood myself, stain it, paint/burn the wood, and assemble everything rather patiently. I had trouble getting the noses to stick at first. I had a blast making these though. More and more I find myself wanting to make sculptural works.

If you live in Philly you should come out for the opening at Art Star next weekend. It should be a blast.

I still have 1 more painting to finish for the "sub 1k" show at Distinction Gallery (Escondido). I'm going to have to sacrifice some sleep this week it appears. I'm also sending some smaller piece/s to Alpha Cult (Long Beach, CA) for a 80's music themed show. I am to paint a picture inspired by a song from the 80's, and they will play all the songs to go along with the art at the opening.

Mostly I am looking forward to spending almost a month on the West Coast. I plan to drink a few beers on the beach and do a whole lot of lounging. If you have suggestions of things to do or see in Portland, Seattle, San Fran, or San Diego/LA fee free to inform me. I can't wait to have warm weather in my life again. Winter = worst season.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Just testing the waters.