Friday, November 4, 2011

Lady Luck work

Fall is here and I've been staying pretty busy over at the shop, so I've neglected to update this page yet again. Anyways, here is some of what I've been up to.

1st session of this tribute to m'lady's rats. Really looking forward to coloring this.

My buddy Ken was in town and we decided to do a deadly coffee cup over breakfast one morning. Appropriately placed over his belly!

Did a straight up compass on a nice walk-in client. I just really like this one.

Fun abstracted pastel rose. I want to do more like this, so if you are interested in one, I will cut you a deal. Hit me up!

Bad photo, but a great tat! Super stoked on this one! Bones Brigade ripper, a total throwback to my skateboarding days as a rambunctious youth. Skate and destroy!

Fun walk-in dude from out of state brought in some old 50's clip art.

Been workin on this one for a while. 98% there.

Started a Mt.Hood/Oregon tribute back piece. Really looking forward to color.

This fella stopped in from Utah. He was only in town for the weekend, so we banged this out in a little under 6 hours.

Lady Luck is running a pre and post halloween tattoo special. $31 tattoos! Here's my flash sheet of sweet little options. To read the rules go to the Lady Luck facebook page, or stop in the shop anytime Mon - Sun to inquire.
More soon I hope!